I offer a different type of recording experience.  I operate a mobile recording rig which affords me the upmost flexibility (and less costs!!) to record anywhere anytime.recordingmac

Armed with a Portable Digidesign Protools system, an assortment of wonderful microphones, acoustic treatments, some awesome sounding software and plugins and various other bits of outboard gear, synths and amplifiers, I bring all of the tools needed for the job. You just need to bring the noise!

acousticsThis means I can easily record in places with fantastic acoustics or somewhere convenient, rather than the often sterile and uninspiring traditional studio environment.  All of this makes a massive difference to the resulting recording.

It also means I can offer live recording – which makes it quite easy and cost effective to record a live album.

Here is a brief explanation of how the process works.

1. Decide what you want to do
Do you want to record a single, EP or album (or maybe something else)??
Contact me to discuss your requirements and we will let you know how long it will take and how the process works.

2. Choose Location
You need to decide where you’d like to record. Suitable recording venues can include village halls, churches, houses, or just about any room that is quiet enough to record in.

I can recommend some places, or work with you to find somewhere suitable.

3. Book Dates & Times
When you have chosen a venue you will need to book it (or I can do it), for a time when you are available.

4. Lets roll!!
We all turn up, make beautiful music and live happily ever after!


Live Recording

84 crowd controlI offer full instant live recordings of concerts and events by taking split feeds from the PA system or alternatively I can provide microphones. Live Albums are extremely cost effective. I will record, mix and master the gig – you can then sell it to your fans.

Fans can buy the downloadable live recording at the gig and receive an email with the download link by the time they arrive home.



The difference between a recording and a worldwide success is huge!
A common problem with bands and artistes going into a studio to record is that often they are not prepared. They may well have songs that are well written and have a good idea on production style but generally this is not enough. Pre-Production is a very important (and often overlooked) part of the recording process.

The pre-production process allows us to go through the songs to ensure they are perfect and contain parts and lyrics that are the best they can be, both on their own and together. We will also concentrate on getting the right sounds to ensure time is saved in the studio therefore minimising recording costs.

From trying different snare drums, guitar sounds and production ideas the preproduction process makes the most of the song and recording and is essential preparation before entering the studio. The results speak for themselves.

Pre-production can even go into matters like setting the budget, planning resources, working out a timeline.

Want to work like professional bands…..? Then do it !
Contact me to find out more.



I have a heavy impetus towards MIDI based programming using synthesizers and samplers. I have completed a wide range of music projects implementing programming, including both entirely sequenced projects and used alongside live instruments.

I use a range of hardware and software samplers and synthesizers.

Protools is my main weapon of choice but I’m happy to use whatever you like.