Music Workshops

I provide a range of educational music experiences to children, young people and adult students. From tasters to intensive courses I offer a full range of projects focusing on the writing, recording and performance of popular music (such as rock, pop, dance and hip-hop) in addition to music and recording technology and music business.

I am CRB/DBS cleared and experienced in working with children and young people of all ages and background. Projects can be designed on a bespoke basis or based on existing formats.

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.”

President Barack Obama

Workshops, Courses and Tuition

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Rock Schools and Music Academies
Band / Artist development & mentoring
Vocal & Instrumental tuition & masterclasses
Music Technology
Recording, Production, Engineering & Mixing
Songwriting, Composition & Arrangement
Website Design
Music Business

Rock Schools and Music Academies

My rock school and music academy programmes cater for all ages and abilities. Participants will choose their preferred instrument and together with other members of the group will form bands to develop a repertoire of material.band1

With guidance from a workshop leader and support musicians students will develop musical and social skills whilst learning to play together as a band. The sessions can be programmed to culminate in a gig, and/or recording a CD or MP3 at the end of the course.

Band / Artist development & mentoring

I can work more intensively with established bands and artistes to further develop skills and to give additional guidance. Through developing an action plan I support and coach musicians to set their own goals and discover a path to achieve them.  > TOP

Vocal & Instrumental tuition and masterclassessing

Through group and individual lessons I teach instrumental and vocal skills. I can provide instruction on all instruments. Sessions will cover a range of areas including playing and performance techniques, warming up, improvisation and developing a practice schedule. > TOP

Music Technologyprotools

I am an expert in Music and Recording Technology. I offer sessions that develop skills in the operation of a range of different music software packages, in addition to related hardware and tools. Sessions can be run in any of the following:
Sequencing – Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Digidesign Protools, Apple Garageband, Sony Acid Foundry, Apple Soundtrack.
Audio Editing – Sonic Foundry SoundForge, Wavelab, Audacity

These workshops can be directed towards a particular theme or final result such as writing a dance track, film soundtrack or pop song and constructing an album featuring all participants. > TOP

Recording, Engineering, Production and Mixingampmic

Professionally recording and producing music is a vast but exciting art. It takes skill, experience and innovation to create recordings that people will listen to. Our workshops will delve into the processes, techniques and technology used in professional recording environments. We go through the process of recording and engineering which includes setting up microphones and preparing for a recording, followed by mixing and creating a finished recording.These workshops can be arranged to enable participants to create their own recording and mix.

Songwriting, Composition and Arrangement

From writing lyrics through to writing melodies, harmonies and instrumental parts and dealing with song structure I run taster sessions and advanced courses in the art of songwriting. Courses can be programmed to include recording sessions to enable participants to have a ‘real world’ experience of the full process of songwriting.lyrics

Composition – Alternatively, I can direct sessions to be more focussed on composition, whether using music sequencing software or live instruments. Composition courses can be directed towards writing film soundtracks and music to picture, or music on a particular theme. > TOP


The popularity and credibility of rap music allows it to be an effective means to the successful participation and engagement of young people, especially in group situations or particularly for disaffected young people. Workshops and courses can be structured to allow participants to learn how to write lyrics, proper phrasing, the history of rap and hiphop, and how to write their own tracks and construct ‘beats’. > TOP

Website design

I also run workshops in website design. The workshops can include elements such as HTML, design and layout and creating effective content. The workshops can be delivered with a focus on music website design to enable young bands and artistes to create their own websites. > TOP

The Music Business

I have a wealth of experience in the Music Industry and can deliver training on the often ‘undisclosed’ aspects of Music Business such as Copyright, Publishing and Deals. Sessions cover matters such as arranging Gigs, promotion and marketing. > TOP


All of the sessions I offer can be delivered as taster workshops or multiple session programmes. The number of sessions and hours of delivery will have a direct impact on the results and outcomes of the programme. I can deliver accredited programmes if desired (Open College Network, Youth Achievement Awards, Young people’s arts award).  > TOP